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What’s K-Beauty?

Simply put, K-beauty is an umbrella term for Korean beauty influence upon skincare, beauty regimens and products that originated from South Korea. In the last few years, the wave of Korean culture (hallyu) has been sweeping over the world from K- pop, K-movies, K-dramas to K-fashion and K-Beauty. The K-Beauty has always been one of hallyu’s trend leaders and now it’s becoming a part of the mainstream beauty market globally.

Koreans are well-known for generally having great soft skin; however, many Korean women have a desire of getting more translucent and porcelain-like glass skin. To fulfill this desire, they invest considerable time and money on cosmetics and beauty products to take care of their skin — which explains where the famous 10 step face-care regime is coming from.

Why Korean Glo?

Korean Glo’ is an online retailer specializing in Korean beauty products. The products curated especially for you takes into account the different skin types and our climate. You will soon discover that these are some of the products you can not live without and will not want to.

Korean brands have officially upped the standards for the global skin-care industry and offer gentle ingredients, pleasing packaging, and you definitely won’t be paying a fortune for it.  Korean Philosophy of skincare, has always been based around pure hydration and respecting the skin barrier bringing a lot of awareness and excitement when it comes to caring for your skin, offering exposure to a variety of ingredients that can give you a glowing youthful complexion. The K-Beauty market also gave us some of our most popular trends of all time, including Sheet Masks, BB creams, the 10-step routine, and more. But, like all skincare, regimens, and products should be tailored to each persons individual needs, it is not a one size fits all solution, so when building your Skincare routine, it’s important to introduce new products slowly to your skin.  We are here to walk with you every step of the way to more glowing and youthful skin!

Beauty is serious business.


Got Questions?

Why K-Beauty is all about skincare, not makeup?

The main point of makeup is ‘natural looking makeup’. It means you minimize the makeup by simply covering some skin flaws. In order to minimize the makeup and cover the flaws, the most important thing is to have really skin. Hydrated and healthy skin makes you look radiant in itself. Also, you can be more yourself when you are free from heavy makeup

Should I be using the 10 step skincare routine which is well known on the internet?

No. it is not necessary, you can achieve great skin with just 3 to 4 steps. Ingredients in cosmetics especially in cream, serum, ampoule, essence and so on are most likely similar but textures and content (concentration) are different. Thus, you don’t have to use similar products several times. Important thing is to know your skin type and create your own skincare routine by referring to “Get the Glo’. (insert hyperlink)

Do Koreans have good skin (of course in general) because of this multiple skincare steps?

Yes and No. Most of Koreans have their skin care routine as double cleansing – toner – moisturiser – eye cream or serum (it depends) at least. More products does not necessarily mean better skin. However, we definitely have this skin routine .  Of course a good skin routine is not the only factor for good skin, however these are necessary steps to make each skincare product work well together to ensure a good skin balance.

Why do I need to use a toner? I've never used a toner.

Toner helps your skin to be optimized in order to accept the nutrition from the next step of skincare. We mostly feel that face becomes dry after washing. Toner helps to balance the pH level of skin. If you start to use toner before any moisturiser, you will feel difference.

I see 'double cleansing'. What is double cleansing and do I need it?

Double cleansing is preferable because one step cleansing does not completely remove the sebum, sunscreen and makeup residue unless you put a lot of effort into cleansing. However, cleansing should be in a gentle way that does not irritate your skin.  A cleansing balm or cleansing oil is recommended as the first cleanse as it breaks down oils and make up effectively.

I heard the daily sheetmask routine. What is this?

This way is to use the sheet mask everyday and it has been a big trend in Korea recently. I personally recommend to use sheet mask max 3-4 times a week. Sheet masks already contains concentrated essence in it – so it is good to let your skin take a rest 1-2 days.

When do you recommend to use sheetmasks?

It is good to use anytime but when you can not have your daily skincare routine (i.e traveling) or when you need some intensive care (after an  outdoor activity, sheet masks work the best. Try a sheet mask just the day before an important event as well! You will glow more than ever!

Does K-Beauty work in any climate?

I totally believe so. I have also seen many cases including our customers who absolutely love K-Beauty. At Korean Glo’ we focus on curating products with clean ingredients and from companies who have a good and responsible philosophy.

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